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Podcast Episode 26: Osgood Brewing 4/22

John Gonzalez and Amy Sherman are co-hosts of “Behind the Mitten,” a podcast about Michigan beer, food, festivals and the people who make it all happen! More details about “Behind the Mitten” at https://www.facebook.com/behindthemitten

On this day, John and Amy are at Osgood Brewing in Grandville, Michigan. They talk to owner/head brewer Ron Denning. More on Osgood athttp://www.osgoodbrewing.com/

They also talk to Joe Boyer, who is putting on Springfest at the Hudsonville Fairgrounds on May 2. More details at http://www.beercityfestivals.com/

Amy and John also talk to Tom Norton, executive director of WKTV, who is putting on the Eclipse Awards on May 7 at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. Amy is a former winner of one of the awards, and she is a presenter this year. More details about the awards show at http://www.theeclipseaward.com/#!/page_home The show will be broadcast on WKTV.

Also, John and Amy plan to announce some future developments with “Behind the Mitten” on April 28, 2015. That happens to be Amy’s birthday. Stay tuned.

BTW, if you’re looking for events throughout the state, check out Paul Starr of I’m a Beer Hound. http://www.imabeerhound.com/

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