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Escanaba Black

Beer of the week November 14 Upper Hand

Escanaba Black

Mackinac Island, MI-This weeks show brought us back up to our second home, .  We have been lucky enough to visit the island several times this season, for everything from opening weekend, to hosting the Lilac Festival, to enjoying the fall colors.  Every visit is unique and different, but what stays the same is the tradition, the people, and the fun.  We visited our good friend Carnel at Orignal Murdick’s Fudge, where he has been a fudge maker for over 13 years.  A native of Jamaica, Carnel not only makes perfect fudge fast, he also sings while doing it.  His favorite song this fall to cook to was “Downtown” by Macklemore, which I also like, so we sang it together.

We taped this weeks show at our favorite bar on the  island, The Pink Pony Bar.  Named by Thrillist as the most iconic bar in Michigan, it’s an eclectic lively place.  This year they upped their craft beer offerings pretty significantly, and now have about 20 taps of Michigan beers.  They even have an exclusive beer that is brewed just for them by Mountain Town Station, the Pink Pony Ale.  Since that beer has already been honored with a Beer of the Week pick, we decided to go with something different, but still unique to the area.

Upper Hand Brewery is the UP offshoot of Bells Brewing.  You cannot get their beer south of the Mighty Mac, EXCEPT on Mackinac Island.  So whenever we are on island, John and I always have some.  Their beers are fantastic, as you would expect.  Escanaba Black was on tap at the Pony when we were there last.  It’s a malty beer, with lots of roasted flavor.  A little bit of hops balances it out, but it is really a smooth, easy drinker.  It’s also only 4.5% ABV, so you can have a couple.  Which is important at the Pony, because we always end up hanging out there all night long.-Amy Sherman

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