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The iconic Beltline Bar!

Beer of the Week August 15 Founders at the Beltline Bar

The iconic Beltline Bar!


Grand Rapids, MI- Our beer of the week for August 15 was selected when we visited the iconic Beltline Bar this week.  The restaurant, located on 28th st and Division, has been opened since 1953, when original owner George Wilkinson was at the helm.  The Rutkowski family took over in 1964, and son Jerry created the famous WET BURRITO.  Current owner Jeff Lobdell, shown below, bought the bar in 2001.  While changing some things, like adding more craft beer and curbside service, Jeff has maintained all the traditional foods that Grand Rapids has come to love.

Beltline Bar owner Jeff Lobdell


One of the things that I was surprised to learn from Jeff was how much of their food at the bar is locally grown in Michigan.  From their beer, to their beef and cheese, they are committed to supporting local.  You can still get the original wet burrito, hand made fresh all day.  And this fall, they will be celebrating their five MILLIONth burrito sold!  Thats crazy!  Check them out at the Beltline Bar website to see all of the events surrounding this milestone.

Now on to BEER OF THE WEEK!  At the Beltline Bar, they’ve added a ton of craft beer lines.  The day we were visiting they had TWO Founders beers on tap, and I decided to blow Jeff and Johns minds by mixing the two together.  This is a trick I learned from FOX 17 anchor Mike Avery one day when I was on his show.  So head into the Beltline and ask for a half and half , using Rubaeus and All Day IPA.

All Day IPA


This is a combination that you can also try out at the Brewery.  They are happy to mix any two beers together at the pub that you would like.

The reason I love this combo is that I love raspberries.  But when Im having a full pint of beer, the Rubaeus can be a bit too much fruit on its own for the whole glass. Cut it with the happiness of the All Day, and you have a great fruity summer refresher.  You can still find Rubaeus around town, but it is a seasonal beer, so don’t wait too long!

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