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Beer of the Week August 1

Bell's Oracle



Kalamazoo, MI- Beer of the Week for August 1 comes to us from the big daddy of breweries, Bell’s!  Our good friend Fritz Klug recently started working at the brewery, doing marketing, photography, and video work.  Previously, Fritzie worked with John at MLIVE, and went on many of the searches for Michigan’s best, including our search we did together for Michigan’s Best Brewery (you can check out our picks at  MLIVE).  Fritz loves beer as much as we do, so this is kind of a dream job for him.  It’s worked out really well for us to, since he’s been sharing some of his stash with us.

So our pick for this week is a special one from Bell’s, The Oracle.  This is a double Indian Pale Ale, or DIPA.  This means, double the hops, and also double the malt bill. , and big alcohol are two things you’ll notice with this gem.  At 10% ABV (alcohol by volume) it’s gonna pack a punch.  Dry hopped with Pacific Northwest hops, you’ll get big notes of pine and citrus, with just a bit of malt for balance.  But what you’ll really get is HOPS HOPS HOPS.  Save this one for the end of the night, since it’s high alcohol could put you under the table, and it’s huge hop profile will kind of wreck your palate for anything else.


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