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Beer of the Week August 15 Founders at the Beltline Bar

The iconic Beltline Bar!

  Grand Rapids, MI- Our beer of the week for August 15 was selected when we visited the iconic Beltline Bar this week.  The restaurant, located on 28th st and Division, has been opened since 1953, when original owner George Wilkinson was at the helm.  The Rutkowski family took over in ...

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Drinking Game + GOP debate= FUN

Amy and John say have a beer and relax candidates!

Tonight, Thursday August 6, you can watch all of the GOP candidates duke it out in their first televised debate.  For some reason, even though campaigning has barely begun, there will be two debates.  The poll front runners will be on FOX News at 9pm, with 10 candidates participating.  Earlier in the ...

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Beer of the Week August 1

    Kalamazoo, MI- Beer of the Week for August 1 comes to us from the big daddy of breweries, Bell’s!  Our good friend Fritz Klug recently started working at the brewery, doing marketing, photography, and video work.  Previously, Fritzie worked with John at MLIVE, and went on many of the searches ...

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