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Amy and John say have a beer and relax candidates!

Drinking Game + GOP debate= FUN

Tonight, Thursday August 6, you can watch all of the GOP candidates duke it out in their first televised debate.  For some reason, even though campaigning has barely begun, there will be two debates.  The poll front runners will be on FOX News at 9pm, with 10 candidates participating.  Earlier in the night, the other seven will debate at 5pm.

No matter what side of the aisle you are on, debates this early in the game can be a bit, how do I say it, ho hum.  So our friends at Rolling Stone magazine came up with a drinking game to make the whole evening a bit more interesting, and possibly to spur even more debate.  All though usually you don’t mix drinking and politics, I’ll make an exception tonight.

Here’s the link to the Rolling Stone game:GOP debate drinking game

While they recommend JAGERMIESTER, that is really never a good idea in my playbook.  Here at Behind the Mitten, since we love craft beer, suggest you stick with some of Michigan’s finest.  Since I’m pretty sure that you’ll be drinking a LOT (you are supposed to drink every time a candidate says “I’m not a scientist”!!!!) you should maybe look for a session beer to have around.  Some of our favorites include:

Founder’s All Day IPA-low in alcohol but high in citrusy hop flavor.  You can get it in bottles, or CANS if your game includes shot gunning!


Blackrocks Brewing Grand Rabbits-a cream ale that’s super easy drinking, with a nice hint of sweetness, plus a bit of lemon and orange.  As Blackrocks says, it’s their “get things done beer”, let’s hope that the candidates take this motto to heart.

Kuhnhenn Brewing Company

And finally one of our very favorite Session beers, the Fluffer from Kuhnhenn Brewery. At 4.5% ABV, you can drink a couple of these and still pretty much run anything, including America!  Plus in honor of Donald Trump’s fabulous hair style, the Fluffer is extra appropriate!

So enjoy the debate tonight, with a little help from barley and hops!


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