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Beer City Gets Passport Experience

Grand Rapids– Grand Rapids is known for it’s breweries and now Experience Grand Rapids has come up with the perfect way to showcase all of it’s great breweries. And it’s fun for beer lovers foreign to West Michigan as well!

Grand Rapids now has it’s own Beer City Brewsader Passport!

In order to become an official “Brewsader” you have to visit eight of the 23 Grand Rapids breweries and collect stamps from each along the way. If you complete all eight (or more) you can redeem your passport for some free swag in the form a Beer City Brewsader t-shirt.

The Beer City Brewsader shirts are pretty neat, but what we love is the fun you can have at these awesome Michigan breweries, tasting new beer and exploring new tap rooms. Along the Ale Trail map you will recognize a number of well known breweries such as Founders Brewing Co. and Perrin Brewing, but you will also see some of the smaller breweries like Harmony Brewing Company and Brewery Vivant that you will enjoy just as much (or even more).

Whether it’s big or small your looking for, you’ll find them all inside The Beer City Brewsader Passport.

You can pick up your own passport at any of the 23 Participating locations or at the GoSite which is located in the Grand Rapids Art Museum. The best part is that it won’t cost you a thing. The pocket size passport is FREE (for anyone 21 and up, of course).

This passport gives a short description of each brewery, its address and contact information. For this reason alone it could come in handy on a Friday night out in Grand Rapids!

Listen to today’s short podcast below about the new passport, featuring Experience Grand Rapids’ director of marketing, Kelly McGrail.

By Hannah Olson

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